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From an idea to share the beauty of the Virgin Islands and the Caribbean with the world using social media, to creating a brand that is steadily growing with clients in the Caribbean, United States and the United Kingdom.


Our mission is to build a global brand with a strong Caribbean identity and become a leader in the field of value retailing across the Caribbean.


Our store is a treasure box offering apparel, footwear, and home accessories for the entire family. Every piece we sell tells a unique story about the designer and their location.


Products are handmade but affordable, supplied by artisans with small to medium businesses in the Caribbean, South America and Africa. We know our designers and suppliers by name because in just one year we have created a community-focused business, with fair trade at its core.


The company’s focus is always on exceeding our customers’ expectations through the development of new products by combining current trends with original ideas and continuously improving our customer experience.


Absolutely Unique brand identity - Simply, BE YOURSELF - is in every piece we sell.

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